Which AQUABARE Water SYSTEM Should I Get?

Are you looking to purchase a water filtration system? All of our water purification systems remove a very thorough range of harmful chemicals, metals, plastics, and other contaminants from nearly any source of water. There are many different filters to choose from ranging from all different sizes. When it comes down to deciding which AquaBare will be the best water filtration model for you, there are a few things you should consider. Ask yourself questions like, how many people will be using the water system, how many gallons do they drink a day, and will it be set up in a home or on the road? Once you have accessed your situation more than your choice will be much easier. 

Aqua Bare 3 sizes -    3.25 gal,   2.25 gal,  1.5 gal Gravity Water Filtration Systems


All of the water filtration containers are manufactured from highly polished 304 stainless steel. Each size holds a different amount of water and can produce different gallons of purified water per hour. The AquaBare bundle model is built for active households and smaller groups. This size water container is also great for teams, groups, or road trips. It can serve households of up to six members. When this system is fully put together, and there is an emergency, it can serve up to 100-200 people a day. This water filter can hold up to 1.5 gallons (gross volume/filter layouts vary) . It is 7” in diameter and 18” in height when fully assembled. It can hydrate between 2-6 people and has 2 holes for filters, but can hold up to 4 filters. You can either purchase with or without the 2-fluoride polar aqua bare PF2 purification elements. 


The Bundle model is for larger households and organizations such as hospitals or churches. It is also good for assisted living homes, hostels, and community centers, or even cabin trips. This filter container can serve families of 4-8 people and large groups of 200-400 people. The system can store roughly 2.25 gallons. This water purification canister is 19.25″ high x 8″ in diameter. This model comes with 4 holes for filters but can hold up to 8 filters. This model can get 4 fluoride/arsenic reduction filters & primer. 


The last but not least and biggest water purification system on the market is the AquaBare model. This canister can also be used for large groups, big households, and team member activities. It can also serve group homes and outdoor or recreational activities. The system can hold roughly 3.25 gallons (gross volume/filter layouts vary) . It is 23.5″ high x 9″ in diameter. You also have the option of purchasing this with 2 Polar Aqua Bare PF2 purification elements. This system also has 4 holes for filters and holds up to 8 filters. Our biggest canister can hydrate 6-12 people in a household and can serve a large group of 300-500 people.

 So, there you have it. All of the water filtration systems do the same thing and are equally functional. The choice of which size you want all depends on how much use you put into it. Feel safe and ready for anything when purchasing your water purification system. 

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AQUA BARE is committed to solving 2 critical problems: providing safe, clean drinking water & drastically reducing the plastic bottles going into landfills. Our gravity based water filter systems remove 99% of contaminants, including bacteria, heavy metals, viruses, pesticides and more.


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