How to assemble Your Aqua Bare Filtration System

Assembling the steel container


Place lid handle on the top of the steel lid.
Insert the screw through the bottom of the lid into the handle and tighten so that the handle is secured to the top of the lid.

Middle Section

Insert black filters through the holes of the middle section, so they are at the top/inside of the canister.  The filters have two small gaskets. Remove the wing nut and one gasket and put aside until primed.

Once all your filters are primed, slide the black filter through the hole in the bottom of the top/inside of the canister. Please the other gasket on so there is a gasket on the inside and the out of all connections. Put you wingnut on snug. Optionally white filters screw into the black filters on the bottom of the middle section, so they hang into the bottom section.  Plug the holes not being used. For example, if you have 2 black and 2 white filters, and your container has 4 holes, plug 2 holes with the plugs provided.

Filter installation instructions:  https://aquabare.com/how-to-install-aqua-bare-black-white-filters/

How to prime the black carbon filters.
How to prime the white arsenic/fluoride filters.

Aqua Bare filter simple installation instructions for BB9-2 and PF-2 Water filters

Bottom section:

Unscrew the back section of the spigot and remove one of the washers. 
Place the spigot through the hole in the bottom section of the container so that the handle is on the outside. 
One washer should be on the outside of the container with the spigot side. 
Place the other washer on the inside of the container over the spigot hole and screw in the backing.

Place the middle section into the bottom section and put the lid on top – that’s it, your all done!


AQUA BARE is committed to solving 2 critical problems: providing safe, clean drinking water & drastically reducing the plastic bottles going into landfills. Our gravity based water filter systems remove 99% of contaminants, including bacteria, heavy metals, viruses, pesticides and more.


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